ha Architecture



Feasibility study for an office tower with space for events, and sports and cultural activities

The architectural study we prepared as part of a project development in 2017 envisions a nine-story tower in the form of a Red Bull can sitting on a larger serving tray at ground level. The tray accommodates a lower area for events with two stages and four enclosed loges to function as a trendy event space for a total of 1,400 visitors. The tower itself is built around a massive load-bearing core shaped like the opening on top of the can. The individual floors are cantilevered on trusses arranged in star shape, resulting in floorplans unhindered by supporting beams for layouts that can be programmed any way users wish. The self-supporting facade is equipped with exterior sun screens which gives the tower a variety of looks. The delicate carbon-fiber sun protection elements can be controlled separately by floor, creating a multifaceted, changing facade by day, and at sunset, the sun screens slowly and automatically return to their original position, opening up the view to the clearly visible layout of the Red Bull can.

Photos/visualization: Bloomimages GmbH, Hamburg