ha Architecture



This end row house featuring masonry construction was built as a single-family home in 1927 and was used as a multi-family apartment building after a renovation in 1992. In 2023, the new owner tasked us with updating the building for energy efficiency and restoring it to a single-family home for a family of six. The existing garden also requires a redesign. Our renovation plan aims to adapt the layout of the space to the needs of the new residents. The ground floor contains an open-plan living room and kitchen providing access to the garden and auxiliary rooms. The existing alcove area is being expanded with a two-story addition in the middle to enable more daylight to stream into the upper floors. This requires part of the existing facade on the garden side to be rebuilt. The upper floor is reserved for the children and will feature four bedrooms and two bathrooms, while the attic space is home to the parents’ bedroom and provides access to the roof terrace, a dressing room, a full bathroom, and an additional space that can be used as an office or guest room. The roof will be renovated and updated with energy efficiency in mind. Adding dormers on both sides and reducing the angle of the roof will expand the usable space. After the redesign, the garden will mirror the original terrain and contain an open carport with a spacious green roof.

Photos/visualization: HARDEGGER ARCHITECTS GmbH, Hamburg