ha Architecture



Design competition for a school addition and supermarket

One objective of this urban design competition by the city of Heilbronn and Stadtsiedlung Heilbronn GmbH was to infill vacant parcels as well as to stabilize and reenergize the existing local shopping center in the neighborhood of Alt-Böckingen. Additionally, the intention was to upgrade an empty sloped lot level with an elementary school, which was otherwise difficult to develop under urban planning aspects. The result was to be a new mixed-use neighborhood center including a newly built supermarket and an addition to the existing elementary school.

Our design addressed the conflict between having a shopping area open to the public and closing off the school building for safety and security reasons by overcoming the considerable existing disparity in elevation with a complex made up of three staggered, clearly delineated landscapes serving different functions. The planned complex follows green building principles and meets all of the requirements to lead the way in reducing carbon emissions.

Photos/visualization: Bloomimages GmbH, Hamburg